Do I need to empty my kitchen cupboards?

No, it's not necessary to empty cupboards as we apply a gel to areas where cockroaches nest or harbour. No liquid sprays are applied to these areas.

What do I need to do prior to the Pest Control treatment?

Access to room edges is necessary to spray along skirtings. Therefore clothing articles, magazines, toys etc. should be moved off the ground. All food items should be cleared from bench and table tops.

Will the spray affect humans?

No, it will not affect you. The chemicals we apply are registered to be used in hospitals, schools and public places. (see also MSDS - Material Safety Data Sheets)

What if I touch areas that have been sprayed?

Sprayed areas are of some concern while still wet. But once the carrier, which is water from the tap, has evaporated, the active constituent adheres to the surfaces and will not contaminate or harm you. Should you get in contact while it's still wet though, wash with soap and plenty of water as soon as possible.

Will I see cockroaches or spiders after my general pest treatment?

Yes, it's possible that insects may wonder in from outside. Chances are that they will have crossed treated areas and will die shortly after.