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Bed Bug Control in the Inner West

Bed bugs may seem miniature in size, but they can become as much a problem as any other pest infestation. While they aren't really disease-carriers like rats, mice or cockroaches, or damage structures like termites will; they are a menace in their own right. In most instances, they might have travelled into your home in some luggage or briefcase.

Bed bugs might seem harmless enough, but they are known to cause anxiety issues in people that have had to deal with these infestations on an on-going basis. These pests come out from their hiding places at night, and start feeding on your blood. While the bites aren't painful, they can leave behind red welts and rashes on your skin; these cause a lot of irritation to the skin. Over time, the infestation and problem only worsens and you may find that these pests have spread to your carpets, curtains, night stand and even behind the wall paper.

Why opt for bed bug control in the Inner West?

While you will find a number of off-the-shelf pesticides that you could use, you will also find that they aren't really effective at all. This is primarily because the pesticides tend to kill only the adult bed bugs. The larvae and eggs remain unaffected and before long you find that there is another large colony of bed bugs in your home. The simple solution to this problem is to opt for Bed Bug Control in the Inner West from Insight Pest Control.

We are a very well-established company that provides comprehensive and effective solutions to deal with bed bugs and other pests. The sooner you call us for Bed Bug Control in the Inner West, the more effective the treatment will be. Here are a few bed bug facts as well as some signs that you should look out for:

  • These are flat and miniature, reddish-brown creatures
  • They breed at a steady pace and build large colonies in the creases of mattresses, upholstered furniture as well as in bed springs
  • Over time, the infestation may also spread to the carpets and curtains or even the wallpaper and photo frames on the walls.
  • They are steady breeders and very quickly build large colonies in different areas of your home.
  • They feed on human & animal blood
  • They can live in the most hygienic spaces and even luxury homes and hotels can have bed bug infestations

Why choose us for bed bug control in the Inner West?

No matter which way you look at it, bed bugs are a menace and its best to opt for our preventive bed bug control in the Inner West. We have been providing the best services to both, commercial and residential customers and they prefer our services because:

  • Comprehensive and effective solutions
  • Customized services
  • Non-toxic & environment-friendly pesticides used
  • Maintain competitive pricing
  • No hidden costs
  • Guaranteed services

We encourage you to check out the Insight Pest Control website for more information about the variety of services we provide. For any specific information, feel free to call us at- (02) 9002 7313 or use this form to send us your queries.